Our proven process is designed to ensure that your project is a success. Whether it is your first video production project, or you are a returning client we will be sure to guide you through the video production process. We keep you involved throughout without it becoming your full-time job since your input is critical to ensuring success. Regular check points throughout the process ensure our team is always available to answer your questions. The result is a finished product that will engage and inspire your target.


Strategize Concept

Before we begin the production process it is important for us to know your brand, your message, and your audience. This involves us sitting with you and meeting with your key stakeholders so that we can ask questions and listen to get a good understanding of your project needs. The most impact is achieved when a thorough alignment of the thinking process is well ironed out and not rushed.


Develop Production Plan

We build the content and messaging map that will maximize the impact of your message whether it be to get the audience to act, learn about a new skill or connect with them on a personal level. During this stage we develop the script, storyboards or concept drawings as required.


Produce Content

This is the stage where we capture the raw footage and then edit, animate, and add final touches to ensure that your target audience has an engaging interaction with your video content. With strong alignment established and a solid road map in place we execute with your involvement throughout the process.